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When Simple Living Takes on a Whole New Meaning

For those of you who have followed Our Simple Homestead for years, you may already know our story. (If not, you can read it here) You’ve followed us as we built our small farm from nothing but an empty field in the middle of South Carolina. You know we’ve built pastures and gardens, raised livestock, learned to butcher, sheared alpacas, spun fiber, built barns, made our own cleaning supplies, baked bread, canned and all around tried to live a simple life as self-sufficiently as we could. You may have also figured out that hubby has a day job which kept him away from the farm more than he was on it.  Which in turn left me tending the homestead by myself. So just as life never stays the same we’ve made a life changing decision to explore simple living in a different way for a few years.

So, what does that really mean? 

It means my book learning husband wants to go back to school to get his Masters.  It means we’re selling our farm and moving into our RV while we continue to live a simple lifestyle, just in 240 square feet, rather than 20 sprawling acres.  It means I’ll have more time to concentrate on my writing while hubby spends every minute studying.  Does it mean we will give up homesteading forever?  Absolutely not, it just means we’re taking a break from daily chores in lieu of seeing more of the country and fulfilling a lifelong dream of a Master’s Degree.

It also means that I’m out to prove that you can live a simple life no matter where or what you live in.  Do I feel we’re giving up everything we’ve worked so hard on building the last seven years? Again, absolutely not.  What we are doing is passing on our farm to another family who has a desire to live in the country and enjoy a simpler way of life.

If you follow Our Simple Homestead for our homesteading posts, than I am so sorry but I’ll be taking a break from homesteading related posts, but if you follow us to find ways to simplify your life then please come with us and we’ll show you how we’re taking living simple to a whole new level by living in our RV while traveling around the country.

Thanks for stopping by!

Tracy Lynn

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5 Steps to Simple Living

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