I practice walking meditation.

Do you live in the moment or do you live in a state of worry and wonder of what will happen next?

I try hard to live in the moment! I have found a way to keep my stress at bay and bring a sense of peace to my life on any given day.

walking meditation

My best stress reducer in a good dose of walking meditation. It is the 10 – 30 minutes of every day that I can re-center my being and is a time when I can tune everything else out and concentrate on me.

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My favorite place to walk is in nature, since it has a way of calming me.

Reducing your stress level is a big part of living a simple life and finding reasons to be joyful in the moment of today.

walking meditationHere are a few tips on how to use walking meditation as a stress reliever:

  • Walking meditation is best practiced outside and by yourself.
  • Before you start take a couple deep breaths and breath them out slowly.
  • Clear your mind of any thoughts except how this deep breathing is calming you.
  • Now start walking at a slow and steady pace.
  • Concentrate only on putting one foot in front of the other.
  • Take in your surrounding and peacefully look for the beauty in where ever you are walking.
  • Feel the sun or the cool breeze on your face and if you are on a flat surface close your eyes for a moment and feel the moment of nature embracing you.
  • If you are feeling tension in any part of your body concentrate on relaxing that area.
  • Truly enjoy the peace of being alone and listen to the rhythm of your body as it moves to calm you.
  • It does not have to be a long walk just long enough to calm you.

Living simple is more about your frame of mind then it is about a place or plan. Once you change your mindset, living a stress free life comes naturally, and practicing walking meditation will help you find the balance you may be longing for.

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