It’s Hard to Say Goodbye to our Farm For Sale in Aiken County, SC 

Many of you may have already heard we’re selling our homestead in South Carolina to embrace a new chapter in our lives.  It’s been a whirlwind of emotions the last few weeks as we cleaned out, hauled away, packed up and minimized our life to fit into a 30ft travel trailer.

home for sale aiken sc

Over the past seven years, we went from living in our 5th wheel to building a small hobby farm in Batesburg, SC.  We’ve built pastures, raised 4 cows, 6 pigs, 3 alpacas, 6 rabbits, 150 chickens, 6 bee hives, built fences and gardens, planted trees, and canned hundreds and hundreds of jars of fruits and vegetables. We’ve put our heart and soul into these 21 acres and have made it a beautiful small farm for another family wanting to experience a simpler way of life in Aiken County, SC.


land for sale in aiken scland for sale

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I’m not sure how we collected so much stuff over our lifetime, but it’s been freeing to let it all go. Even though we’ve lived a pretty simplistic lifestyle, we still had lots of stuff that we used to build and keep our small hobby farm operating. We’ve spent a good part of the last month going through everything one item at a time and found there were only a few things we felt we couldn’t live without.

home fr sale batesburg schouse for sale in batesburg sc

As we close this chapter of our lives, we pray that whoever buys our small farm in Aiken County, SC will make it a new home for horses, cows and a barnyard of chickens.  

raisied chickens

hobby farm in sc

Even though it’s hard to say goodbye, we’re looking forward to living on the road for a few years while we explore the country and take Our Simple Homestead on the Road.  The blog may take a slight turn while we explore a minimalistic lifestyle, but first and foremost I am still a wife, homemaker and a simple living advocate.  I have a lifetime of tips and ideas that I’ll still be able to share even if I’m not stepping over cow patties and scraping chicken poo off my boots.

land for sale in aiken sc

room for chickens

I hope you will continue to follow us as we explore a new way of simple living ….RV style.

house for sale sc



To view more of our Batesburg, SC Home For Sale listing click here.

Small Farm for Sale in Aiken County, SC - Embrace Simple Living

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Tracy Lynn

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