You’ve gone to the pumpkin farm, picked out the perfect jack-o’-lantern, carved it to perfection and now have it displayed proudly on your front porch or dining room table.  Now it’s time to enjoy a scented pumpkin!

Simple Scented Pumpkin

We wait all year for the sights and smells of fall, and I like nothing more than to make the season last as long as possible.  I have found an excellent way to enjoy the sweet smell of spice and pumpkin in my autumn decorations.

After I carve my pumpkin, I sprinkle nutmeg and cinnamon inside my pumpkin. When I light the candle the heat from the candle will warm the spices and give off a sweet autumn smell to my scented pumpkin.

pumpkin carving supplies

Before you bring that perfect pumpkin home, don’t forget to stock up on all your favorite pumpkin carving supplies:

Happy Fall Y’all!

Tracy Lynn



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