Clean your home with all-natural cleaning products using essential oil.

There are so many options when it comes to cleaning our homes. All-natural cleaning products are very popular, which is why more and more people prefer to save some money and time by making their own supplies. In case you’ve never tried this before, it is never too late to change that. Essential oils play a significant role in many recipes, so now is the best time to learn more about the individual qualities of each oil.

In specialized stores, you’ll find a variety of essential oils that will change your life for sure. Cleaning will become more pleasant when you won’t have to inhale toxic fumes. It’s no secret that ordinary cleaning products are filled with different chemicals that could endanger your health. The constant exposure to toxic fumes from those supplies could lead to unpleasant health complications. This could affect not only you but for the other members of your family as well. That’s why the sooner you start cleaning only with homemade eco-solutions, the better. I’ve gathered a list of my favorite all-natural cleaning recipes using essential oils for beginners.

all natural essential oils

  • Clean floors with lemon oil – Hardwood and other floors need special care because their surface can be easily damaged over time. In order to preserve it in good condition for longer, you can prepare your own cleaning solution that will disinfect and deodorize at the same time. You can mix 10 drops of lemon essential oil with water and a little white vinegar in a bucket. Then you can clean every floor in your home with a mop.
  • All-purpose cleaner with lemongrass oilLemongrass oil is preferred for an all-purpose cleaner because of its light and fresh smell. If you want to try another scent like lavender or orange, feel free to substitute the lemongrass oil. After all, this is your all-purpose cleaner and it is important to feel good while you disinfect your place with it. Take a clean spray bottle and mix a little water with 5 drops of the essential oil and a tablespoon of natural soap. You can use this special cleaning solution for the prompt disinfection of every part of your home.
  • Disinfect the carpets with lavenderSimple vacuuming won’t be able to help when you want to freshen up the fabric of your carpets in depth. For this purpose, it is best to use a special solution of baking soda and lavender essential oil. If you’re not a fan of lavender, just use lemon or some other oil that you like. You need no more than 15-20 drops of the oil and a cup of baking soda. You can mix the two ingredients in a jar or some other container and you have to leave the jar in a dark place overnight. On the next day, you can sprinkle a little part of the final product on your carpets and then vacuum.

There is really nothing easier than making your own all-natural cleaning products. Thanks to the essential oils and their strong odor, you will be able to disinfect in depth any object and surface in your home and enjoy the lovely smell for days. After the first cleaning, you may decide to throw out the old toxic cleaning supplies.


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