We are about eight weeks away from actually planting anything in our South Carolina garden, but I am already getting excited about seeing little green sprouts popping up all over.

Old Time Spring Planting Lore

There is something magical that happen in the spring, things that I can count on every year. The birds sing louder, the sky seems bluer, the grass is  greener and I can count on getting get spring fever every January.

I have an old book that I love to look at every winter, and I especially pull it out when I am planning my gardens. My favorite part of the book is reading about old-time planting lore. 

How many of these old-time planting lores have you heard of?

  • Plant corn when the oak leaves are the size of a squirrel’s ear.
  • Sprinkle plants with wood ashes to keep the bugs off.
  • Bury a piece of rhubarb in the row when planting cabbage to protect it from club root.
  • To keep cabbage heads from splitting, give each young plant a half-twist in the ground.
  • When planting corn, be generous. “One for the woodchuck, one for the crow, one for the slug, and one for me.”
  • Plant peas on St. Patrick’s Day for the blessing of the saint himself on your entire garden.
  • Plant beans when the elms leaves are as big as a penny.
  • When you see growth on green ash, grapes and oaks, it is safe to plant tender vines, annuals and perennials.
  • Plant beans on Good Friday.

These are a few of my favorites and what is so special about them is I remember my dad telling me some of these as I was growing up and learning how to garden.

Do you plant your garden with any old-fashion folk lores in mind?  I would love to hear them!

Tracy Lynn



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