If you are a faithful reader of Our Simple Homestead, you know I am pretty good about opening up our financial situation for all to see. Lately, I have been getting some questions about how we make ends meet on the homestead, so I am going to lay it all on the line so I can answer those questions.

Making Ends Meet on the Homestead

I know when we first started dreaming about homesteading our plan was to own a few acres in the country and find ways to earn a living from the land.

What it has turned into is striving to be as self-sufficient as possible and finding ways to generate income from all of our hard work. (Read how we are trying to Live Without Walmart.)

I am going to be completely honest… We couldn’t do it without my husband working full-time away from the farm. Even though there are hundreds of ways to make a living from homesteading we are not to that point yet. The challenge for us is finding an array of products and services we can offer that can generate income.

We currently grow and raise most of our own food, cut firewood to heat our home in the winter, repair and maintain all of our home and farm equipment. But we could not do that without a steady outside income.

We are a one-income family, but the Internet has made it possible for me to work from home. Each week I work on a variety of projects. Writing for this blog, taking care of the farm, developing and maintaining websites for small business owners and selling some of the products we create on our farm.

Here are the different income streams we are working on to generate income on our homestead:

  • Husbands steady job.
  • Website/Blog design and maintenance from home. (Working from home allows me to take care of the farm while hubby works a 60 hour work week.)
  • Small affiliate and ad revenue from the blog.
  • Alpaca fiber for yarn sales.
  • Bee hives for health and beauty supplies and raw honey sales.
  • Re-purposing feed sacks for tote bag sales.
  • Produce sales.
  • Egg sales.
  • Baking sales.
  • We are working on adding meat sales to our list, but we need to work through the paperwork first. Eventually we will be selling pasture raised meat from our farm.

We know that we should not put all of our eggs in one basket so we are protecting ourselves in case one market or crop fails it is balanced out by another’s success.

How are you generating income from your homestead?

Tracy Lynn

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