The homesteading movement is spreading across the country at lighting speed. Families are looking for ways to live on less, be more self-sufficient, and are changing the way they look at how they live.

Do you have a homesteader's heart?
Modern homesteaders come in many forms. From urban dwellers to ranchers, but the one thing they all have in common is their desire to live a homesteading lifestyle.

Today’s Homestead is not all about farming, as much as it is learning to be more self-sufficient. That can be defined in many ways.

Some families are supplementing their food supply with backyard gardens, while others are growing crops to share, sell and barter. Some buy produce from local farmers markets and some raise livestock. Many are canners, sewer s bakers, builders, homeschoolers and farmers. But many are bankers, teachers and factory workers. But what they all are, are people who strive to doing as much as they can with their own two hands. They tend the ground they live on, look for ways to reuse, recycle and make do, and they respect old-fashion skills handed down by their forefathers.

There is a common creed that all homesteaders live by no matter where they live or what profession they work. The creed that many use to define a homesteader’s heart.

The Homesteader’s Heart Creed

The Homesteader's Creed

Although there are not any established set of rules for homesteading. The one thing we all can count on is homesteaders across the country care about living an authentic homesteading lifestyle, not complicated by today’s fast-paced, technology laden lifestyle.

Do you have a homesteader’s heart?

Tracy Lynn

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