Author: Tracy Fredrychowski

Undeveloped Land – A blank canvas

February & March 2009 – We bought a piece of land that was undeveloped…no water, sewer, electricity or any other modern amenities so we actually needed to start from scratch.  A blank canvas all ours to paint, design and create however we saw fit. What a big job!  Where to begin? We started by calling our county planning and development office and found out the very first thing we had to do was apply for a 911 address.  The land we bought was subdivided but no address had been assigned to the parcel yet. Before the electric company could...

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Setting up a homestead

  January 2010 – As we waited for our house to sell, we started looking into what it was going to take to get electric to us.  Being about 900 feet off the road we were nervous it was going to cost a fortune.  Not sure what we would make on the sale of our house everything was held up until the house got sold.  All we could do now was research and start preparing for our move. In our research stage and luckily for us the same electric company that serviced our house in town was the same...

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Buying Land in the Country

I have wanted to start this blog for months but just never could get it started so now I am going to have to play catch up so bear with me as I get us up-to-date.   December 2009 – The first step of our adventure was to make our land purchase. We both knew we wanted to live in the country but never dreamed we would find 20 acres just calling our name. Driving up to the land for the first time we instantly fell in love with it and knew it just had to be ours. We were...

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A little bit about us and our life

Hello and welcome to “Our Simple Life” Blog. My name is Tracy, my husband is Craig, and we have made a big step in choosing to live a much simpler life in a small rural community in central South Carolina. After spending hours searching for some guidance in every book, internet and magazine we could find we decided to start to journal our progress in hopes we can help others just like us looking for ways to become more self-sufficient. We know there are many just like us looking for ways to live a more sustainable simple lifestyle.  This...

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Tracy at Our Simple Homestead Hidden away in Central South Carolina is a little farm where we call home. Surrounded by pine trees, chicken farms, and lots of sandy soil we live a very simple lifestyle by the grace of God.

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