Have you ever just had days when you just weren’t sure what your purpose in life was?  That was me this week and even though I am still contemplating some things and trying to come up with a plan, today I spent the day doing things I truly love.  It started with a couple hours in my garden weeding and watching the butterflies.

It amazes me how they so delicately flutter from one flower head to another so gracefully.  I even took Bella & Drake, our angora rabbits out to the garden with me for some exercise and I found so much joy just watching them run around finding shade in the peppers and nibbling on the green grass.

Its days like this…hubby home, a cake cooling on the counter, lasagna ready to go in the oven, animals all feed and content, house clean and me relaxed that makes Sunday’s so wonderful…a day where I could spend time just watching the butterflies.

I am going to try real hard to keep this content relaxed feeling with me throughout my very long and busy work week knowing that at the end of the week I can spend another day doing all the things I love again.

Maybe I have that all wrong…maybe I should be doing the things I love everyday instead of just looking forward to another day at the end of the week to do so.

I hope you all took time to watch the butterflies today!