Living a Simple Life

We spent a good part of our married life chasing that old mighty dollar, spending more than we made, and being in debt to the hill.

We were depressed, unhappy and had wandered so far from our roots that we knew something had to change! What changed was living a simple life.

What did we do? We voluntarily simplified our life!

When we told our friends we were selling our house in the city and moving to a remote area they thought we’d gone crazy.  

That was the furthest from the truth, and in all reality, it meant we were changing our life to fit our goals and values on how we wanted to live.

For us, it started with a list, a set of goals, and a written down plan. Our homesteading plan list was long in the beginning, but now many of the items have been checked off, and our dreams of living a simple life are taking shape.

10 Living a Simple Life Choices

Here are 10 of our living simple life items from our list:


Live debt-free – After six years of working on our debt, we are down to just a mortgage and a car payment.

Live closer to nature – When we lived in the city we were like everyone else who was trying to keep up with the Jones’s. Now we keep up with the birds and the stars and they don’t cost us a dime.

Life without chemicals – I am so proud that we’ve converted to a chemical-free household.

Cook from scratch – Nothing makes me happier, then to put a whole meal on the table that we raised on our own farm. Last night it was a roasted chicken, homegrown green beans, potatoes and a loaf of homemade bread with blackberry jam.

Raise your own meat – When I learned all the growth hormones that were pumped into livestock it made me sick. Now we only eat meat we’ve raised or hunted which includes, pork, chicken, rabbit, and wild game.

Live on one income – This was a big goal of ours and it took us five years to get this one crossed off our list! What a wonderful feeling to know I am now able to stay home and take care of our family, farm, and myself.

Even though I do some work from home I no longer have a long commute into the city and can be home to take care of my family.

Reuse, recycle and re-purpose – We’re the king and queen of making do with what we have. This week’s project is making a picket fence with recycled pallets.

Being happy with what we have. – Coming from a very consumer-driven society this one sometimes can be a challenge. How do we rectify this? We don’t watch TV that’s filled with commercials, and we don’t allow advertisements into our home.

Stop consuming – This one was fairly easy…we do not recreation shop, and I always go to the store with a list.

We’ve gotten so good at this that it took me six weeks to reason with myself to buy a new pair of sneakers, and if it weren’t for the blister on my foot, they’d still be at the store.

Learning to feel satisfied and not deprived. – The day we signed the papers to buy this land our hearts were filled with joy and then the day we sold our house in the city we felt satisfied and excited about the future.

Living a Simple Life

So what have we gained by living a simple life?

Peace, happiness, and true freedom from owning less…you ought to try it is contagious!


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