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One of my favorite go-to books is  The Complete Tightwad GazetteI never get tired of reading through the pages and pages of frugal living ideas. Even though the edition I have is over 15 years old, most of Amy Dacyczyn’s tips still apply, and I am always looking for ways I can incorporate her ideas into my life.  

frugal living ideas

I have a true frugal spirit, and I am always pushing the limits to make things last longer and to re-use things in unusual ways. I have caught myself standing at the garbage can having a conversation with myself about throwing something away.  I usually end up leaving the item on the counter for 30 minutes until I am sure it can not have another life doing something else.

Here are five of my favorite frugal living ideas from Amy’s book, The Complete Tightwad Gazette.

      1. Toilet Paper Tubes – Use an empty toilet paper roll to gather up the excess electrical cord on kitchen appliances, lamps, and electronics.
      2. Crayon Bits – My grandchildren love to peel the paper off their crayons, so when they break I place a variety of colors in a muffin tin and melt them in the oven. Once they are cooled, I pop them out and have little crayon wafers the kids can use to color with.  They love the unusual shaped crayons and keep them busy for hours.
      3. Mesh Onion Bags –  I cut off the metal clip and knot and tie the end after I place all my saved slivers of soap in it.  My hubby’s hand get pretty dirty after working on the tractor, or in the garden and this makes a great scrubber for those extra dirty hands.
      4. Extra Crib Sheets – Crib sheets work perfect to use as a seat cover in the backseat of your car.  Even though I don’t have children at home anymore, I still have car seats in my car for my grandchildren. It fits perfect for under the car seats and they double as a protector when I take the dog to the vet.
      5. Bacon Plastic – This has to be my favorite tip of all time!  I am a quilter and am always looking for things to make templates with.  The plastic that comes in a bacon package is the perfect thickness for quilting templates.

The Complete Tightwad GazetteIf you have not read The Complete Tightwad Gazette, I would highly recommend it and if you look for ways to save money and live more simple you will love this book. 

Do you have any unique frugal living tips you can share?

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