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A Good Book and a Fire

What does a Grandma do when one of her children moves her grandchildren clear across the country?  She packs her camper, convinces her hubby to drive 17 hours and grabs a few books to enjoy along the way. I just got back from a long cross-country vacation where I spent lots of time in front of a camp fire, playing cards, fly fishing, playing with grandchildren and getting caught up on some reading. Simple living to me is all about taking time to enjoy the things that I love and for me that is cooking and reading! Even in the camper I found a...

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Shutting off the Noise

Alarms ringing, freezers humming, radios blaring, horns honking and the sounds of life bombard us every day. Noise comes at us in every direction and we make the unconscious decision to ignore much of it, but most of it invades our lives from every angle. It’s effect can be seen in the faces of stressed, weary and overwhelmed people. We just spent a few days in the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains hiking and fly fishing.  After a 2 mile hike up one of the many trails in our journey, I was amazed at the lack of modern...

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Simply Finding the Real You

What would your life look like if you could get rid of everything that didn’t actually reflect your deepest thoughts and desires? Changing your life to reflect your true being is the very first step you need to make to find the real you. Think of the people and work that you value the most. Are you changing yourself to fit into a mold that someone else has created? Or, are you living by the principles and integrity you have formed for yourself? I know this is a hard question, and when I first thought about it, I had...

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I Just Love Garden Flags

Now It’s Your Chance to Win a Flag from FlagsRus! I have a small addiction to flags!  I think they add such a cute touch to my garden.  My good friend over at The Self-Sufficient HomeAcre is giving one away and I just had to give my readers a chance to win it! I’m sure that you would enjoy picking out one of the many beautifully designed house flags from FlagsRus! Fill out the entry form below for your chance to win! Remember, you can enter once a day and you must leave a comment on this blog post,...

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Finding Your Simple

Making a conscious decision to live a simpler life is half the battle.  Making it actually happen is the real challenge. Call it the latest fad or the newest lifestyle, but whatever it is people are taking major steps to simplify their lives.  They are learning to live on less, finding ways to be more self-sufficient, but most of all they are changing their mindset. Gone are the days of trying to keep up with the Jones’, now people are looking for ways to de-commercialize their lives and reconnect with their families Anytime you make changes to your lifestyle...

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Tracy at Our Simple Homestead Hidden away in Central South Carolina is a little farm where we call home. Surrounded by pine trees, chicken farms, and lots of sandy soil we live a very simple lifestyle by the grace of God.

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