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5 Steps To Urban Homesteading

How to be an urban homesteader? A great many people feel that they need to be self-reliant, which is generally simple to accomplish in the country or rural areas. But what are the ways a city occupant can take to accomplish self-reliance? There are a few approaches to be self-reliant in the urban zones. The key is you should be willing to have a homesteaders heart, to cut expenses, and learn how to get back to the basics. Here are five way you can become a  to urban homesteader: Container Gardening The initial step is to begin “container gardening.”...

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Finding Your Place as a Homesteader

Have you ever wondered what your purpose in life is, or what your life as a homesteader should look like? I remember when I first left my full-time corporate job I wandered aimlessly around our farm trying to find where I fit in.  It took me a long time to realize God had a purpose for me and I just needed to embrace and figure out what his plan for me was. At that point, I wanted to do it all: I wanted a big garden. I wanted a barn filled with animals. I wanted to milk a cow...

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Honey 101- Spring is the perfect time to start a hive

Did you know one small hive can keep your family supplied in honey all year long? Beginner Beekeeping Supply List There has not been any other project on our homestead that has given us as much satisfaction as our bee hives. We easily pull over 30 pounds of honey off our two hives each year. If you are just starting off homesteading, I would suggest you look into beekeeping as one of your first projects.  The start-up is a bit costly but once established they require little attention and little feeding to carry them through the winter months. We...

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Enjoy Fresh Herbs All Year Round With An Indoor Herb Garden

I love the outdoors and love my garden, but what I really love is growing an indoor herb garden on my window sill every winter. Nothing is sweeter then the smell of fresh basil in the dead of winter.  My new friend Jonathan is sharing with us his tips for the perfect winter herb garden! There are a variety of herbs that can be grown indoors successfully, even in the cold and dreary winter months. Growing herbs indoors usually requires a bit of effort but with the right advice, you can reap the rewards of a fantastic indoor garden that you...

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Evergreens that Brighten the Winter Landscape

As winter is approaching and the days are getting darker I look forward to the burst of color I get from my winter landscape. This week I have the joy of sharing a guest post from Roxy at   She shares with us some great plants to add to our winter garden. When you look out your window at the snow-covered winter horizon, feelings of melancholy or perhaps even depression may wash over you. Winter ‘tis the season for a disorder known by the acronym SAD. Seasonal Affect Disorder (SAD) afflicts a multitude of people during the bleak, gray...

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Tracy at Our Simple Homestead Hidden away in Central South Carolina is a little farm where we call home. Surrounded by pine trees, chicken farms, and lots of sandy soil we live a very simple lifestyle by the grace of God.

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