Welcome to my kitchen.

The garden is bursting, summer picnics are well under way, and I find myself spending a good deal of time in the kitchen. Good thing it is my favorite room of the house and I enjoy cooking so much, or I would be feeling trapped right about now. 

I think my kitchen shows more of my personality than any other room in the house, so today I wanted to take you on a short walk through my kitchen. 

a walk through my kitchen

There has been plenty going on and more than enough dishes being washed, but for today I cleaned it up a bit and made sure it was at its best for a little show and tell. 

I don’t know about you, but I love going on house tours and I love going for walks in town at night so I can see in everyone’s window. I know it sounds a bit creepy, and I am not a peeping Tom I just love seeing the cozy and warm look of a family home through a window in the evening. 

kitchen tour

It is not night time, but the middle of the afternoon, and I have just cleaned up from canning peaches. I have one batch on the counter cooling, and another in the canning kettle on the stove. I also just got done making a batch of hummingbird food and its cooling on the counter waiting to go in the refrigerator.  The floor is still sticky and needs a good mopping, but since you cannot see sticky I felt it was all right to take you on a tour. 

So please come on in and welcome to my home.

kitchen tour

You can enter my kitchen from the side door or through the back French doors, but for today you are walking past my laundry area and pantry on the left. What you see peeking out of the pantry door (which I didn’t know was there until I looked at the pictures) is my apron hanging on a hook on the backside of the door. 

kitchen tour

This is my message board, that I painted with chalkboard paint to cover the hot water heater door. It is a great place for my grandchildren to hang their artwork and learn how to write their numbers and letters when they are visiting Grandma’s. It is just my collection of crazy things I love to hang onto.

kitchen tour

 My kitchen is gallery style that opens up into the living room to give us an open floor plan.  I love that I can talk to my family even if I am working in the kitchen.

kitchen tour

I don’t have a dishwasher so I spend a lot of time gazing out this kitchen window.  What you can’t see it that it over looks three bird feeders, a hummingbird feeder and my flower/herb cutting garden.  I am glad you can not see it right now since it is being over taken by weeds and is in desperate need of some TLC.

kitchen tour

This was not a very pretty angle but I had to point out something you might not see.  If you look in the upper left-hand corner, on top of the highest cupboard you will see a little black ear sticking out.  That would be Oscar our cat!  I have trained him not to walk on my tables but I have never been able to break him from jumping up on the counter and on top of the refrigerator and then up to his favorite sleeping spot.  

kitchen tour

As you pass through my kitchen you come right to my family table.  My farmhouse table is my favorite part of this room.  I have always felt it important that my table fits my whole family.  So far it has been plenty big enough for my adult children, grandchildren, hubby and me.  We have our third grandchild on the way, so soon we will have to squeeze back in the high chair.  Family dinners are important to us so this big table is perfect!

kitchen tour

The two stools I keep at the bar make a great place to enjoy a quick cup of coffee or a great place my granddaughters can stand and watch me cook. 

kitchen tour


kitchen tour

And finally, a peek into my antique cupboards collection.  I love old stuff and these antique cupboards store an array of goodies.  The first one, with open shelves, is filled with my canned produce and this Hoosier cupboard stores my table cloths, place mats, a set of Christmas dishes along with an assortment vases and candles I use throughout the year.

So there you have it a walk through my farmhouse kitchen…Tracy style.  I hope you enjoyed it and look forward to you coming back again for a visit!

Thanks for stopping by!

Tracy Lynn

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