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When Life Gets Real

 Share on TumblrEmpty pastures, empty pens, empty hen houses…life on the farm is pretty...

Could you do it?

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Shutting off the Noise

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Finding Your Simple

 Share on TumblrMaking a conscious decision to live a simpler life is half the battle. ...



A Good Book and a Fire

 Share on TumblrWhat does a Grandma do when one of her children moves her grandchildren...

Best Backyard Chickens

 Share on TumblrBest Picks for the Small Farmer With so many choices it’s hard to know...

DIY Seed Box

 Share on Tumblr Hello everyone, my name is Carole West author of Garden Up Green and Quail...



Preserving Your Harvest

 Share on TumblrYou have spent months planning, planting, growing, watering, fertilizing and...



Tracy at Our Simple Homestead Hidden away in Central South Carolina is a little farm where we call home.

Surrounded by pine trees, chicken farms, and lots of sandy soil we live a very simple lifestyle by the grace of God.

On any given day our free-range chickens and rabbits will greet you at the door, the coffee will always be hot, and a well-worn bible will always be waiting on the table.

We are modern day homesteaders who strive to keep the old-fashion skills our grandparents taught us alive and well in the 21st century.

Join us as we share life on our 20-acre farm, old-fashion recipes, simple living tips, and inspiration for those looking to join the homesteading movement.

Tracy at Our Simple Homestead

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